ST805D - Starlite Records

Lonnie Lee - SOLID GOLD CD

Featuring remakes of many of his Gold Hits as well as some songs from his past shows.
The production features an orchestra as well as The Flanagans vocal group
who were on his original recordings.
An extremely popular CD, Vinyl and Cassette.


1 Old Time Rock n Roll  
2 Starlight Starbright Hit
3 Sitting by the river Hit
4 Defenceless Hit
5 Rocky Top  
6 Yes Indeed I do Hit
7 I Found a new love Hit
8 Sit around & talk Hit
9 Buddy Holly Medley
10 Don't you know Pretty Baby Hit
11 I can't stop loving you
12 When the bells stop ringing Hit
13 That's when your heartaches
14 S.O.S Sad Over Someone Hit
15 Such a night
16 Ain't it so Hit
17 Crying Time
18 Piano Rock Medley Lonnie playing Rock piano


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